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gia Vouladaki

Ever since I was a little child I remember the longing I felt each time I touched my small ¾  guitar and prepared myself to take leave of this world following her first  notes. I also remember one of my first queries-all in a child’s imagination. ‘’ If I feel this way, how did the man who made this feel ? How did he manage to put together these pieces of wood so beautifully ?

A procedure so simple and complex that still remains such through-out the years. As I had the opportunity to watch the birth of the need a professional carpenter and amateur musician developed toiling to create a quality, well-crafted instrument, my questions of childhood were answered.

And how oddly childlike  was the look  in Chrlistos’ eyes when he told me ‘’She’s ready  !Come and listen to her.’’ It’s a striking experience to see him watching you with a smile as you play with what is very much ‘’his child’’-and that was just the beginning.

The exemplary  love and constant evolution that Christos Vouladakis shows in crafting guitars  is good guarantee for any guitarist who wants to invest in his own really hand-made instrument.



Michalis Brouzos

Soloist, member of AnimaCorda
Guitar teacher


I met Christos Vouladakis a couple of years ago at his workshop when I needed a guitar repair. There I saw and played his guitars for the first time. Few months later reviewing the market for a potential buy, I purchased my B1 guitar.

It’s a wonderful instrument with a singular sound , brilliant and filtered that gives one the impression that the sound comes from the whole of the body and not just the sound port ,

Delicate, airy ,colourful.

Trebles of velvet round nature just pinching-never shrill nor harsh- the tone.

Bass is lush and clear , never boomy  even when recording.

Each string has its own voice, distinct from all the others, crisp bringing about a splendid separation of voices.. Amazing sustain even in the closest to the bridge frets. Such is the frequency caliber of the instrument that the repertoire can span from renaissance to jazz on equal terms. When performing you can create the impression to the listener that the sound comes from either up close or further away. Aesthetics tend to what is discreet and unique with matte finish , nice bindings , very good tuners and a slim fretboard, probably the easiest I’ve ever tried.

Concluding, I’d like to say that after a year’s time the guitar sounds even better  and still amazes me with her rich timbre , a call to discover new sounds.

p.s. Christo, I can’t thank you enough !


Spyros Petroniou

Soloist, guitar teacher